• Groups of up to 10 people in a more traditional classroom setting with an abundance of models available for hands on practice. Includes an hour of business building, tips, and pitfalls we experienced with Carla Pierson.
  • Join Medical Laser Dynamics (MLD) for our Laser Training Certification Class, your gateway to expertise in laser-based medical devices, hosted by Smiley Aesthetics. Your clinical education will be provided by Medical Laser Dynamics (MLD). For 36 years MLD has been an international leader in supporting the FDA, Manufacturers and clinical users through device design, testing, education, and administrative support. MLD is directed by Patrick Clark PhD, CMLSO as its president and CEO. Dr. Clark has been working integrally with hospitals, free standing surgery centers, and private offices for over three decades to provide excellent broad-spectrum energy-based device support. MLD has a close relationship with the FDA and its international partners. Dr. Clark is a Board Advisor to over 20 device companies world-wide.
  • One – on – One Training

    Personal, individualized training focused on initial certification or honing of current skills and proficiency, including tips on managing and maintaining your business.
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  • Small Group Training

    Groups of two or up to five receive more individualized training with more hands-on opportunity. Special attention given to your current situation and where you want to focus with the current state of your business, whether new or established.
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